General Terms and Conditions Hunkemöller Membercard

A. Definitions

The capitalised terms referred to below have the following meaning:


the private company with limited liability Hunkemöller B.V., including its affiliates. Hunkemöller B.V., having its head office at Liebergerweg 28, (1221 JS) Hilversum, the Netherlands;


the card issued by Hunkemöller under the Membercard Programme;

Hunkemöller Member:

the Membercard holder;

Membercard Programme:

The loyalty programme developed by Hunkemöller that allows customers to obtain discounts, including by accruing credits on their Membercard;

Membercard Customer Service:

the customer service set up for the Membercard.



Customer service programme; Hunkemöller’s stores and webshops in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

B. Applicability

These General Terms and Conditions apply to Hunkemöller’s Membercard Programme and applications for and/or use of the Membercard under the Membercard Programme. The Membercard Programme is provided by Hunkemöller stores and webshops in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

C. Purchase and Activation of Membercard

  1. When the Hunkemöller Member has purchased a card in store and has registered at the counter, she will receive an email to complete and activate her profile online. When the Hunkemöller Member has registered online, she receives an email to confirm the registration. In the subsequent welcome email, the Hunkemöller Member can complete her registration by filling in additional information to receive 100 bonus Passion Points. The customer needs to fill in the following fields to receive these points: email address, first and last name, date of birth, gender, bra and brief size, at least 1 Sexy Shape and 1 Favourite Fit. Furthermore, the Hunkemöller Member can also connect the Membercard with the Member’s Facebook account, to receive 10 Passion Points for every like or comment on Hunkemöller’s Facebook page.
  2. The Membercard can be obtained via the online shops and Hunkemöller app if you create a personal account. This online shop and app-based Membercard is free of charge and digital. The Membercard number is shown in the Hunkemöller Member's personal account and/or the app by means of a QR code. Registration for the online Membercard Programme is identical to that for the physical card. The app also provides an overview of the balance of Passion Points and credit.
  3. By completing the registration, including online activation, referred to in C.1 and C.2, the Hunkemöller Member participates in the Membercard Programme, which is subject to these General Terms and Conditions. If the registration, including online activation, referred to in C.1 and C.2 is not fully completed, it is not possible to receive the full benefits of the Membercard Programme, including without limitation converting credits in discounts. 
  4. By registering the Membercard, the Hunkemöller Member obtains the following advantages: saving for Passion Points and credits, bonus Passion Points events, exclusive reward vouchers, special invitations to Member Events, exclusive mailings on trends and special offers (if desired), personalised suggestions and advice, continual access to a personal account and the option to participate in the credit scheme described in articles E and F.
  5. Participation in the Membercard Programme is restricted to customers with a valid home address in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. The Membercard Programme is only valid in these countries.  
  6. Participation in the Membercard Programme is restricted to persons who are 12 years or older. A Hunkemöller Member must be 16 years or older to purchase at the online Shops. Hunkemöller Members under 16 years old can make purchases in the physical Shops.

D. Use

  1. After having registered by means of the registration form referred to in C.3, the Hunkemöller Member can use her Membercard.
  2. The Membercard is strictly personal and non-transferable The Membercard remains the property of Hunkemöller. Each card may be registered to only 1 (one) email address.  
  3. Det er kun tillatt å bruke maksimalt 1 medlemskort per kunde.

E. Credit scheme

  1. Hunkemöller Members can earn Passion Points with a valid Memberxard. Every ten pence (£0.10) spent is worth one Passion Point. For every 500 Passion Points collected, Hunkemöller Members receive discount rewards worth five GBP (£5*). To earn 500 Passion Points, a person must
    have spent at least fifty GBP (£50) within one year. The fifty GBP (£50) amount does not have to be spent on one occasion; it relates to the total amount of purchases made within a single year (starting from the effective date of the Membercard).  
  2.  All purchases in the shops (incl. the online shops) (with the exception of purchases of Hunkemöller gift cards and special offers (see G.1)) are taken into account to determine the total amount spent. The total amount spent is calculated by adding up the purchases made by the Hunkemöller Member. 
  3. The only means of keeping a record of the total amount spent is upon presentation of a valid Membercard. 
  4. Once the amount of 500 Passion Points has been reached, the points are automatically converted into a discount reward. The Hunkemöller Member is then entitled to receive five GBP (£5*) off and will be notified of this by email and/or on the receipt. 
  5. The Hunkemöller Member has no more than 1 (one) year from the date of purchase of the Membercard to spend fifty GBP (£50), as defined under section E.2. Any amounts spent under the fifty GBP (£50) limit will expire after that one year, or earlier in the event of termination of/or termination of participation in the Membercard Programme, as defined under Sections J. and I respectively. 
  6. A Passion Points balance from 1 to 499 points can be used for several kinds of vouchers in the app (release date of the app: after 20-03-2017). The Hunkemöller Member can find these vouchers in the Membercard page of the app. An example of a voucher can be; 20% off an item of choice. For this voucher you can example given,
    swap 200 Passion Points to get this discount, which can be used in store, online or in the app. All vouchers have a different expiry date. After redeeming a voucher, the Passion Points will automatically be deducted from the balance of the Member. When the customer returns the product, the points will not be added back onto
    the account of the Member. It is not possible to swap vouchers for money. The vouchers cannot be used in combination with other vouchers, actions and/or promotions and only valid in the Hunkemöller app, online or in store. The voucher can be used once and only for 15 minutes. After this period, the voucher can be bought
    again by swapping Passion Points once again. The customer will then receive a new online code or a new QR code to be used in store. Hunkemöller reserves the right to change the terms & conditions of all vouchers.
  7. Hunkemöller Members can get 100 Passion Points for a full registration. The Member needs to fill in the following mandatory fields in order to receive the points: first name, surname, email address, country, Membercard number (if applicable), date of birth, gender, bra size, brief size, 1 Sexy Shape and 1 Favourite Fit. With a partial registration, the customer can always complete the full registration later on to receive the 100 Passion Points. The registration can be done via the website, in the app or in store.  
  8. Passion Points can also be earned through activities other than Store or online purchases. In such cases, the Membercard Programme awards free bonus Passion Points to the Hunkemöller Member. This occurs when the Hunkemöller Member actively engages in a Hunkemöller Facebook, Webshop or email activity.
    Max. 100 Passion Points per calendar month. You will only receive points for every like and/or comment on a Hunkemöller post which is public and belongs to the 5 most recent posts.
  9. A few times a year, Hunkemöller will award bonus Passion Points for specially selected items, events and promotions. Hunkemöller is the only party that can determine what these will be and will duly designate them with the Passion Points logo, clearly indicating how many bonus Passion Points can be earned.  If items
    that have been purchased with Passion Points are returned or exchanged, the respective Passion Points will be credited back onto the Hunkemöller Member's Membercard. Any returns or exchanges are subject to the rules of the Store in question, upon production of a valid receipt.  

*The point value in the UK is: 500 Passion Points = £5 discount. The point value in the rest of Europe is: 500 Passion Points = €5 discount.

F. Converting credits into discounts

  1. Credits can be converted into discounts upon presenting a valid and registered Membercard in all Stores, Online and in the App.
  2. The Hunkemöller Member can see her purchases and total amount spent (credits accrued) by going to or in the App. Information on the total amount spent and credits accrued can also be requested at the shops.
  3. The credits accrued by the Hunkemöller Member can only be converted into cash discounts. When converting the credit, the discount granted to the Hunkemöller Member can therefore never exceed the purchase amount of the product to which it is applied.  
  4. Accrued credits cannot be used to purchase gift vouchers such as the Hunkemöller Lingerie card. Accrued credits cannot be used to pay for the cost of alterations or shipping costs. Since prosthetics and prosthetic bras are not part of Hunkemöller’s standard selection, purchases of these products do not qualify for credits on the Membercard.  
  5. You are able to use max. £20 shop credit per order.  


G. Special offers & Wheel of Passion (hereinafter to be called ‘promotion’)

  1. A registered Hunkemöller Member can make use of Hunkemöller’s special offers. These offers are compiled by Hunkemöller. Such offers are only valid during
    the offer period and for as long as stocks last.  
  2. This ‘Promotion’ is being organized by Hunkemöller B.V. It is only open to Members of My Hunkemöller with the latest version of the Hunkemöller app (release date: after 20-03-2017).
  3. To win one of the prizes, the contestant needs to be a registered Member of My Hunkemöller.
  4. This functionality in the app is not available at all times and will be turned on and off within certain campaigns within 2018. Members can access the Wheel of Passion by opening the app and going via the bottom navigation bar to “more” and then tapping “Wheel of Passion”.
  5. The Member can participate to this promotion by spinning the wheel, hereafter a prize message or no prize message will show automatically.
  6. The Member can play the Wheel of Passion only during the campaign period with a maximum of 1 time per 24 hours. The prize pool with the number of prizes will be set up in advance, whereby a win chance will be calculated for every individual player. Hunkemöller reserves the right to change this at all times. When the prize pool is empty, Hunkemöller will decide if there will be a new prize pool set up or if the functionality will be switched off.
  7. There will be three types of prizes that are available to be won. These prizes can differ by country and language that the Member has selected in the app. In total there will be a certain number of prizes awarded in this campaign, across the following participating countries; The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Denmark, Austria and Sweden. The win chance for the customer can vary per campaign.
  8. Within the campaign a customer has a chance to win Passion Points, physical prizes e.g. a gift card or a Hunkemöller product, or discount codes to use online and/or in store. Passion Points will be added within 24 hours to the Membercard account of the Member. Passion Points are valid for 12 months. When a Member has saved 500 Passion Points, they will automatically be converted to a shopping credit of GBP (£5). This will also happen automatically within 24 hours. This shopping credit is valid for 3 months from this date on. All Passion Points from 1 to 499 can be used for rewards in the app dependent on
    the reward availability and the points needed to “buy” the award. When the Member wins a physical prize, an automated message will be triggered and sent to the app inbox of the user. Herein the delivery details of the Member will be asked to be shared with Hunkemöller to send the prize. The winner will have 5 working days to respond to this message, after this point the right of the user to claim the prize will expire.
  9. Hunkemöller will use the contact information provided by participants in the ‘Promotion’ exclusively for the purposes of communications pertaining to this ‘Promotion’. These contact details will be saved only for this purpose and will be deleted afterwards.
  10. The Member must be 16 years or older.
  11. Hunkemöller reserves the right to change, supplement or terminate the ‘Promotion’ and its Terms and Conditions at any time, in any form, without further announcement.
  12. Hunkemöller cannot be held responsible, in any way whatsoever, for losses, delays or technical errors caused by internet providers or other participating parties.
  13. By participating in ‘Promotion’, contestants agree to these terms and conditions, as well as to any decisions Hunkemöller may need to take to guarantee a fair outcome of this ‘Promotion’ in the event of circumstances beyond its control.
  14. Any complaints with regard to the ‘promotion’ must be sent in writing to Hunkemöller B.V., Attn: Marketing Department, P. O. Box 386, 1200 AJ Hilversum, The Netherlands. Hunkemöller will respond in writing or by phone within 3 weeks of receiving the complaint.
  15. This contest is subject to Dutch law. In the Netherlands, this contest is subject to the rules of the Dutch Advertising Code (Nederlandse Reclamecode) and
    the Code of Conduct for Promotional Games of Chance (Gedragscode voor promotionele kansspelen).
  16. With participation the attendee will agree with the given terms and conditions.

H. Changes

  1. Hunkemöller reserves the right to revoke or change the special offers referred to in G.1 or to make new offers and can do so at any time and under any circumstances.  
  2. Hunkemöller also reserves the right to make changes to the discount rewards awarded to the Hunkemöller Member for every fifty GBP (£50) spent.  
  3. Hunkemöller Members will be informed in advance about any changes, by email or on the website Hunkemöller’s stores and webshops in Austria, Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
  4. If the Hunkemöller Member wishes to change, make additions to or remove data which have become known to Hunkemöller under the Membercard Programme, she can submit her enquiries via her account on If all personal data of the Hunkemöller Member have been removed, her credit can longer be converted.  

I. Termination of participation

  1. Hunkemöller Members can terminate their participation in the Membercard Programme at any time.  
  2. To terminate the participation in the Membercard Programme, the Hunkemöller Member has to go to the “deregister” page on
  3. Once the participation has been terminated, the Membercard is no longer valid. Any credits the Hunkemöller Member has accrued can only be converted into purchase discounts prior to termination. Once the participation has been terminated, it is no longer possible to accrue or convert any credits with the Membercard.  
  4. If the Hunkemöller Member commits fraud, provides incomplete or incorrect information, acts in breach of these General Terms and Conditions of Hunkemöller, abuses the rights granted to her, or commits any other acts as a result of which Hunkemöller and/or its Shops incur damage, Hunkemöller is entitled, without prejudice to any of its rights, to revoke the Membercard with immediate effect and cancel any credits accrued.  

J. Termination of programme

Hunkemöller reserves the right to terminate the Membercard Programme at any time. The Hunkemöller Member will be informed about the termination no later than 3 (three) months in advance. Until the termination date, the Hunkemöller Member can keep accruing and converting credits. Once the Membercard has been terminated by virtue of this article, no credits can be accrued or converted.  

K. Loss, theft or malfunctioning of Membercard

  1. If the Membercard is lost or stolen or does not function properly, the Hunkemöller Member must inform Hunkemöller about this as soon as possible, where upon Hunkemöller will block the Membercard and will send her a new Membercard free of charge as soon as possible. For a new Membercard, please call the following number: +31 (0) 35 6465412 (customer service in Hilversum), or go to a Hunkemöller shop. Any credit accrued on your old Membercard will be transferred to your new Membercard.  
  2. Until you have received your new Membercard, you can keep accruing credit by quoting your postcode and address each time you purchase products. Credits accrued in this way will be recorded on your new Membercard. Please note that you have to show your ID to verify that this is your account every time the staff in store will look up your card in the system.

L. Privacy

The Membercard Programme involves the processing of the Hunkemöller Member's personal data, including the personal data entered by the Hunkemöller Member in the registration window and the Hunkemöller Member's purchase history. Hunkemöller is committed to protecting all personal data. See our Privacy Statement for more information on the personal data that Hunkemöller processes and how the personal data are used in relation to the Membercard Programme, and the Hunkemöller Member's rights as a data subject. 

Country (EN)  








Czech Republic   











8002 6454  










900 828982  


020 796151  




M. Liability

Hunkemöller is not liable for any unauthorised use of the Membercard or fraudulent conversion of credit by the Hunkemöller Member or by any third parties.  

N. Other stipulations

1.   Hunkemöller reserves the right to revise these General Terms and Conditions from the effective date of any such revision, the present and all the previous versions of these General Terms and Conditions will no longer be in force.  
2.   These General Terms and Conditions and the Membercard Programme are governed by Dutch law.  
3.   Any disputes may be submitted only to the competent court in Amsterdam.  


Version: 12-04-2021